Do you want every aspect of your marketing and events to be a dazzling success? Then you've come to the right place. Commstar is quite simply a team of talented people dedicated to delighting you with something that's in scarce supply nowadays - Really Useful Marketing.


This is what we do

  • Design & Creative

    We told you that we're really useful... and this why. Whether you're looking for a complete marketing strategy, a single inspiring solution, mind-blowing design, branding and printing, jaw-dropping exhibition and event management and totally reliable technical support, and that extra spark of magic - we deliver.

  • Experiential & Events

    They say 'the devil is in the detail'. Because detail can make or break an event. That's why we'll take care of every aspect of your live events - wherever they happen - making sure that everything goes according to plan - and giving you and your audience a night (or a day, or maybe more) to remember.

  • Motion & Digital

    Video production is an art - and a real skill. It takes years of experience (which we have) together with bags of real flair (which we also have) and state of the art equipment (ditto). And nothing attracts new business like a beautifully executed video.

  • Promotion & Delivery

    Nowadays, social media channels of communication provide real opportunities for business growth - but they can be mind-boggling... and they can backfire if not handled properly. At Commstar, we have real PR expertise in both offline and online communications. That means that we'll help you reach the audience you want with all the right messages.


How we do it

We listen

Big client or small client? It makes no difference to us. We get up close and personal with every customer, work with you, understand what makes you tick, what your aspirations are, so that we get it right first time - providing a solution that goes way beyond your expectations.

We plan

We're small but perfectly formed, and within our team we've got all the skills and experience to ensure that we meet your requirements in every aspect of marketing - and it goes without saying that we'll always find a way to add that extra sparkle that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We present

And when we do, we're still listening, because we want to make sure we get it absolutely right for you. It's a partnership, and our clients keep coming back because we always give them more than they expect - without charging the earth - and we hope you'll feel this way too!

We deliver

We're committed to deliver projects that 'tick all the boxes'... and then some. That means we'll design, build and deliver your project on time and within budget. We'd love to add you to our growing portfolio of delighted clients, so why not get in touch to see what we can do for you?


Just some examples of our really useful
marketing & events

Design, Experiential & Events, Motion & Digital
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  • We are Creative
  • We are Awesome
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  • We are Commstar

About us

Meet our team

Aboard SS Commstar, there are no passengers: just crew. And each crew member has a vital role to play in keeping Commstar focused on delighting our clients.


Dennis Fry

Managing Director


Kevin Haynes

Creative/Technical Director


Giles Fowler



Kate Hellon

Event Producer


Andy Jones

Graphic Designer


Ali Sellars

Web Fairy


Paul Tree

Video Production


Scott Wilson



Simon Groves

Copy/Script Writer


Fiona Mitchell



Esti Rodriguez

Marketing Manager


Lucas Haynes

Video Production

  • We chose Commstar because of the quality and creativity of their work that we had seen on their website with a variety of different clients working in diverse industries. We were really not sure at all what it was that we wanted but having met Dennis and Kevin we were confident that they were the best people to partner us in our development of our corporate identity and website.

    — Managing Director - Morgan MacDonald

  • The final event was superbly received by all attendees and has now set a benchmark for all future such activities. I really enjoyed working together and all my crazy ideas were accommodated with a smile! I would have no hesitation in recommending Commstar.

    — Sales, Marketing & Development Director - Apetito

  • Both the conference set up and the evening dinner were fantastic, a real experience for the senses! It was a pleasure and hassle free to work with you all, as always, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

    — Head of Marketing - Buy As You View

  • Atradius has used Commstar's road show unit on numerous occasions - and in a number of countries. It's a brilliant set-up.

    — Head of Experiential Marketing - Atradius Global

  • Thank you for the superb effort that Commstar put in to our party. It was a fantastic night and this could not have been achieved without your well managed contribution. We look forward to working with you again!

    — Operations Manager - John Lewis